Welcome to Centerline Development!

Since the early 90’s, we have been cutting asphalt, mixing concrete, and building survey monuments throughout the state of Utah. What once started out as a modest operation to pay the bills for competition soccer tournaments, has turned into a highly sought after land development service company. My father had us out working early on the weekends teaching us that activities, such as soccer, cost money and had to be earned through hard work, determination and sacrifice. That lesson was well taught by my father and has been woven into the DNA of our company, CENTERLINE DEVELOPMENT.

From humble beginnings and a drive to succeed, we have streamlined the process and raised the bar on Road Utility Construction and Land Development. We have become a reputable construction company, offering a wide variety of “Land Development Services”.

Land Development Services

Monument Installations

For over 15 years we have been building survey monuments and we have a reputation of doing them well.More

Concrete Services

Thinking green? THINK CONCRETE!
Concrete is still the “GREEN WAY” of constructing long lasting as well as beautiful value to any property.More